From October 1th, 2018 to October 7th, 2019
The exhibiton Montreal in Space explores an important chapter in Canada’s scientific history, from Canada’s first satellite, Alouette 1, to the Canadarm.

To offer to the public an accurate look at the unknown history of Montreal’s important involvement in the conquest of the space, the exhibition’s content is based on archival material of RCA Victor Canada, on the knowledge of researchers in the industry and on rare original artefacts from Canada’s space programs.

An exhibition from the Musée des ondes Émile Berliner.


From March 3rd to May 29th, 2018
What does a satellite orbiting 798 km from Earth have to do with the food on our plate? Space to Spoon demonstrates how Space technology benefits Canadian farmers and sustainable agriculture. It also highlights the Canadian Space Agency’s Earth observation satellite, RADARSAT-2, and its cutting-edge successor, RADARSAT Constellation.

Visitors of all ages can enjoy a stimulating experience with hands-on models, interactive elements, and stunning graphics.

This exhibition is a loan from from the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum and the Canadian Space Agency.

*text from Canada Agriculture and Food Museum.

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